Farm Manager

More: I adopted this dog sight unseen about 12 years ago from a 100% high kill shelter in Southwest Virginia when I moved onto my family farm to take care of the property. He was wild, skinny, scared pup and for many months I wasn't sure if he would come around. But like a fine wine, he got better in time. My stepdad died tragically the year before Dingo came into our lives. My stepdad loved this farm that had been in his family for over 200 years. He was a dog lover and his pets helped him watch over every inch of the original 800 acres. We are down to 350 acres now and I know for a fact that Dingo knows this land better than I do (and I've had 40 years on this property). When he's out here working we refer to him as the "Farm Manager". We love him dearly and I will never regret adopting this "unadoptable" pup from the pound. He has healed our hearts from tragedy and brought us a tremendous amount of joy.