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You know I'm Plaid.

More: We're Dobby's third owner. He was adopted by a couple who didn't want him anymore because he grew too big and they were going to turn him over to the pound. Their roommate gave Dobby to her dad, but unfortunately, he was often left in the backyard alone 24 hours a day and with only a leaky faucet for water. I had recently lost my 13-year-old yellow Lab and wasn't looking for another dog, but my sister told me about Dobby's situation. Dobby was so scared when my sister brought him to our house that he crawled on his stomach as he came through the front door. He was dirty, skinny and smelled pretty bad. My husband, kids and I petted Dobby and talked to him. After an hour, Dobby was wagging his tail and we fell in love in with him. He's funny, emotional and the sweetest dog I've ever had. He's often mistaken for a pitbull, but he's a purebred Amstaff, which is an AKC-recognized breed. I've always had Labs, but have come to realize how wrongfully maligned Amstaffs and Pitbulls are portrayed as being vicious and dangerous breeds. It simply comes down to the owner, not the breed. All dogs are good, especially Amstaffs.