Doc (AKA Dr. Josh)

More: Doc is a standard bernedoodle that recently completed all certifications to provide animal assisted therapy. I have never met a happier dog in my entire life. His joy is contagious! He works full time with me in my private practice, specializing in trauma counseling. Doc has already helped so many people heal from their trauma. His dopey, lovable, goofy nature helps our clients to smile and his unconditional love and kindness heals their hearts a little more each session. We lost Doc’s trainer, Dave, in a motorcycle accident last week and we are heartbroken. Dave founded the non-profit Dogs Helping Heroes that pairs service dogs with veterans and first responders and was spending his professional life training service and therapy dogs. Dave was an incredible person and had a profound impact on our lives. Doc and I are committed to carrying on his mission as best we can - by loving, serving, and helping people heal from trauma.