Newly adopted, wearing his Orvis tag and enjoying his family outdoors!

More: Donovan went into rescue in early 2021 when his elderly owner died. My husband and I had just lost our 13 1/2 year old Westie, and my mother also had just died. We weren't ready for another dog, but we were lonely. We learned about Donovan from friends involved with the Newfoundland Club of New England Rescue Community. He was in a wonderful foster home, and we fell in love with each other as soon as we met. Donovan is a 160 pound ball of canine love. He is the friendliest dog we have ever had. We take a 3-4 mile walk every morning, and his favorite neighbors are those who are elderly. We are hoping to train him as a therapy dog; we have been told that he has exactly the right temperament. He is happiest when it is very cold and snow is on the ground. I have learned to multi-task and answer email while he enjoys "plunking" himself in the snow. He is a joy, and I hope that our experience will encourage others to adopt older dogs. He sports an Orvis name tag that we ordered as soon as he arrived! He also has an Orvis bed, of course, though sometimes his hair makes the cool floor more attractive to him! This photograph was taken by Brenda DiRusso of The More You Grow Photography but we own it and all of the rights.