Getting cool on a hot day

More: Duke was rescued by Muddy Paws Rescue after being abandoned during Hurricane Harvey, in Texas. He had heartworms, a broken tail, numerous bugs and skin problems, no pad on his right rear foot, and was 40 pounds underweight. It took a lot of love from dedicated rescue staff, and time before we met. When we did, two and a half years after his rescue, we clicked. After adopting Duke, I found out he had a bullet/pellet lodged in his chest as well. We have since bonded over our nine months together. He loves being outside, using his nose to scent critters of all sorts. I once let him start digging and snuffling in a grassy field we were walking through and he came up with a young mole. He loves licking the dew off the grass on spring mornings, and scooping snow in his mouth in the winter, enthusiastically rolling in the grass in summer and throwing himself in the snow in winter. He also has a deep appreciation for the comforts of home, especially food, air conditioning, and his sofa. Oh, and me. I have been blessed by this beautiful boy who truly rescued me.