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Majestic Animal

More: Duke is a 16 month old, 100 pound, well trained German Shepherd who stands 30 inches tall ground to shoulder. He is a big majestic animal, but loving at heart! He will not leave his people out of his sight. He is always protecting his family, especially his mom who has PTSD. He will run to rescue mom when she is in distress and give kisses and hugs to comfort her. He is a curious dog who will watch whatever mom and dad do and wants to be involved in every aspect of their lives. Duke has two course meals every day. First course is his main dish and the second course is fruits and vegetables (celery, green beans, carrots, apple, bananas, cucumbers, asparagus, and all other crunchy ones) which is his favorite part of the meal. When we celebrated Duke's first birthday, he ate the entire 1.5 pound birthday steak!