I may look small, but I was born to hunt.

More: My name is Duke, and you may know my breed as Toto from the Wizard of Oz. Mischievous in nature, I like showing squirrels, birds, and any vermin that has the misfortune of showing up in MY backyard who’s boss. I enjoy playing ball, going on walks, and I love people. I’m very affectionate and love attention. As a Cairn Terrier, here are a few fun facts about my breed: “The Cairn Terrier is a terrier breed originating in the Scottish Highlands and recognized as one of Scotland's earliest working dogs. The breed was given the name Cairn because the breed's function was to hunt and chase quarry between the cairns in the Scottish highlands.”-Wikipedia I would love to win your contest and will be sure to promote Orvis on my social media (@Duke.Daisy.Diaries).