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The “Duke” of Earl

More: Earl began his life dropped off in a box at Auburn University School for Veterinary Medicine hospital. He and his litter mates were sick with parvovirus. My daughter, who is a fourth year student, took this sickly puppy and nursed him back to health; including administering meds and giving him steam showers to help clear his lungs. With her love and compassion, she gave Earl (which she named) a new life. He is strong and healthy, living in NJ with this “Glam-ma”, me, while his mom finishes her studies in May. He’s goofy, fun loving, likes to get dressed up, get his teeth brushed and runs like nobody’s business when commanded “run Earl run” usually with a stick in his mouth. Everywhere he goes, people want to know what kind of dog he is because of his unique features. His multicolor coat, sincere snout and soulful eyes makes him a park favorite. He was rescued and now he steals people hearts ♥️