The great leveler. From the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant who doesn't enjoy a good sit?

More: Eddie lives on an acre of zoysia. His tireless work ethic demands constant running and continuous 4-6 foot leaps over what we believe to be an imaginary lava pit in the center of the yard. In all seriousness, he works sun-up to sun-down maintaining a squirrel-free homestead. Silently sneaking out from under the deck, never hesitating to shoot me a dirty look when I alert a squirrel to our presence. Endlessly pursuing his pointe break dream of closing in on the last 3 inches between his nose and the overweight 3 legged squirrel that's rumored to live in the area. Eddie plays outside non-stop whether he has company or not. But at the end of every session, he emphatically flops down on the zoysia, stoic posture, tongue un-hinged and his eyes radiating the joy and fulfillment from the best job a dog could have.