Ellie Applejack

Ellie’s first winter wonderland as a family dog

More: Ellie (previously Acorn) was picked up by the county in a hoarding situation and passed along to a local shelter in Fayetteville, NC, USA. She was in for a month, apparently curled up in the corner of her kennel, terrified, and with no interest from the public. The rescue didn’t know enough about her, except her fear of everything. We met her and she immediately rolled over on her back for tummy pets. We took her home the next week. Ellie took a few months to get fully comfortable in her new home, naturally. But 6 months later, she hops around in confidence, learned “lay down” and how to ring a bell to go outside, loves sweaters, and LOVES social events. A little love and reassurance from her furever family is all it took.