Elphaba aka Elphie

“I’m not ready to come inside!”

More: Elphie helped me through tough times, including the loss of my best friend, my mom, in Nov 2017. She knew when I was having heart palpitations & would let me know. She made me laugh on a bad day. A year later, Oct 2018, the vet found a heart tumor (pericardial effusion) & gave me the choice of a costly surgery that would give her 12-16 more weeks or euthanasia. I chose surgery & we continued to walk our trails. She didn’t know she was sick, but I did. I knew any day could be her last & she’d succumb to the monster of Hemangiosarcoma. She left me 12 weeks & 4 days post surgery on Jan 5, 2019; just 11 days before her 8th birthday. She was my heart dog💖 I’m entering her photo with the knowledge that Orvis partners up with canine cancer research.