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Looking for Salmon return on the Elwha

More: This is our beautiful girl Elsa who passed last winter. She and her Labrador sister ruled the Port Townsend boatyard where her dad worked, sat shotgun when her mom took her to work at horse farms, always took the front seat at a BBQ, and loved to hike and go fishing though she always flinched at the sound of a back cast. She traveled to more back country places and National Parks than most of people. She hiked mountains, swam rivers and oceans, barked at grizzly bears, a wolf, had a treed cougar jump toward her and was bit by a coyote after she and her island dog posse got in a ruffle. She had so much energy as a puppy we would let her out of the car on our dirt road 1/4 mile from the house so we could wear her out (she would always beat us there) and she was the fastest most athletic ball fetcher—just ask all her dog friends. Most of all she loved deeply and touched everyone’s heart who was lucky enough to have met her. Our hearts Re still mending from our loss. She would’ve been honored to be on the cover and would want us to donate the prize to our local dog shelter here in Port Townsend.