White Buffalo Snow and White Lab, Emersyn

More: Emersyn had a very special beginning t life. She was born as a single litter. She fought her way to thrive and survive during the first few weeks of her life as a singleton. We were able to bring Emersyn home at 5 weeks old to bond and grow with our black lab who acted as her surrogate litter mate. Now Emersyn is a loving, cuddly, blanket carrying, snow loving, playful active lab. She has brought us so much joy in the midst of a pandemic and helped our family even recover from Covid. Although it seems as if we saved her, she really has saved all of us. We are so blessed to have her in our home. She would make a perfect cover dog for Orvis, overcoming adversities throughout a pandemic. Strength and love describe her best. Her name means strong and courageous and she is exactly that.