Duck hunting with my Dad is my favorite place to be!

More: Emmie was brought into our lives quite shortly after the loss of our 13 year-old sweet Chloe girl, who was also a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Our daughter had just picked up her Black Labrador Retriever from a breeder in Tennessee, which sparked our interest to potentially welcome another Lab into our home. At first, I hesitated due to the grief from losing Chloe, yet our lives lacked the warmth and joy that only a dog's love can bring, leaving a void in our hearts and home. In July of 2022, we drove from Michigan down to Tennessee, and the rest is history. Emmie chose us the day we met her, and from that moment on, we just knew it was meant to be. Each day with our girl is an ongoing adventure filled with joy and excitement. Whether it's the thrill of car rides, the camaraderie of hunting trips, the simple pleasures of belly scratches, the exhilaration of running endlessly through fields, or the heartwarming love she receives from our three kids, there is never a dull moment in our lives with her by our side. Given my husband's lifelong passion for hunting, we've been fortunate to share our lives with both Golden and Labrador Retrievers. We will always cherish and deeply value the genuine bond we share with our beloved companions.