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I'm not a baby, ok!? I'm a big boy!

More: Ernie has approx 17 tantrums a day. He's VERY sensitive and a little socially awkward. It doesn't take much to upset him. Sat in his place on the sofa? Move. Not telling him where you're going? Total breakdown. Applying flee treatment? MAJOR OPERATION. Amongst his high demands (Including round the clock attention at all times) he's the most gentlest, loyal, kindest soul and I couldn't be prouder to call him mine and me his. Oh and he loves a kiss on the nose! Side note: It's with a heavy heart that I share the news that Sean (Ernie's bear in the photo) was in fact stolen in the night by a fox. It hit the household hard. Does Ernie leave his toys all over the garden? Yes. Is it his fault Sean is now dead and buried somewhere in the moors? Yes. Best not to tell him. He wouldn't speak to us for a good week.