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Survivor enjoying what he fought for

More: I rescued Fenway in an abusive relationship and he saved me. When he was 3 and after we got away safe, he was diagnosed with a severe case of Blastomycosis. They told me he wasn’t going to survive and was too far gone and to euthanize. I was left in the room to say my goodbyes and I asked him “Buddy, what if we try to fight this and if you beat it, I’ll take you hiking in the mountains for the first time?” He couldn’t even stand but he tried to and was wagging his tail and wanted to give me a kiss. So I knew he wanted to try. It took a year, he lost his eye and he has damaged lungs and heart but he beat it. Once I took him on his mountain trip I swear he understood and I saw how happy he was in the mountains. I moved us to Colorado a month later and we’ve been exploring and hiking in our mountains ever since. Fenway’s story is my favorite and I believe he would make a perfect Orvis Dog❤️