Fern Red Chair

More: Fern has a wonderful spirit and a gentle heart. She follows us everywhere and lives with Owen, Greyhound and Mercury, Greyhound, in the Atlanta Metro Area. Fern is absolutely obsessed with balls. She particularly enjoys the orange ones which bounce a lot and fit perfectly in her mouth. She would chase them all day long if anyone had the endurance to keep up with her and would make their full time career throwing balls for her to chase. Fern is very smart and is a rescue, who has learned several commands since we adopted her one year ago. Fern is shorter than the Greyhounds and enjoys running under them and between their legs. Fern taught the Greyhounds how to bark at delivery drivers and the doorbell, and thinks she is pretty funny for doing this, because they never barked before. Fern is an amazing dog and would look wonderful endorsing your product.