North Dakota Duck Hunt

More: My third lab, and they just get better, although each had big paws to Fill !! Two yellows and now my red. Not only is he a great hunter, he’s my best friend. Seen his puppy pictures from previous litters. When the time came , i couldn’t wait to get my name on the list. Although everyone told me I didn’t need another dog , I’d have more freedom. This guy keeps me young. If it wasn’t for him I’d be a couch potato. Thanks Finn !! When he hunts, he’s not perfect, but neither am I. But we’re inseparable. Wherever I go , he goes. He comes from a great family owned kennel out of Rapid City , South Dakota. Turkey Creek Kennels. They have great quality and we’re very personable with me and all their clients. I still keep in contact. Pictures of hunts, field trial ribbons, and just goofy pictures. Have my first grandchild, and now he’s adopted him also as a best buddy. So gentle with the lil 6 month old. Can’t get enough licks in.