My "Buddy Sparkling" at her favorite park

More: Fiona was the most wonderful amazing, happy dog and my best friend. Everyone loved her. I had to put her down a year ago in Sept 2020. Fiona and I got in a really bad car accident in August of 2020 and the accident affected her spinal area and increased the difficulty in her ability to walk. Within a month after the accident I had to put her down based on the the vet's recommendations. A very sad moment in my life. She almost made it to 14. Back in 2015 we had a tragic accident at our house when my dad ran over my mom by accident and she passed away in my arms. Afterwards I decided to move back in with my dad and have been looking after him for the last 6 years up until he passed away back in early March of this year at 92. Fiona was the bright light in my life. I inherited Fiona after my mom passed away. She was given to my mom a month before the accident as a replacement for there other Irish setter who had passed away. Fiona and I became inseparable and we went everywhere together. She is sadly missed by all and my wonderful memories of her will live with me forever. Thanks very much. Sincerely, Mr. Whitney C. West