Foxy and Anne enjoying fall weather in front yard .

More: Foxy was a stray I picked up in the middle of nowhere . Skinny and covered w mange I took her home and she became my dog for 16 years . She was very talented and won first and second place in local amateur dog shows for “ best tricks “ in later years she developed diabetes which near the end affected her ability to walk . Her last year of life (2020) I pulled her by wagon on her favorite hiking trails and around the neighborhood. She also went to swim therapy a couple times a week which helped her stay in good condition though she couldn’t walk . After she passed away I had a memorial service held for her out in a meadow of our favorite hiking trail . It was attended by our neighbors and friends . We even had in attendance a couple of walkers that got to know her when they walked by our house daily . Several got up and spoke about what a special girl she was . Foxy was a very talented smart dog and by the end was very well known in her community. ( She used an orvis under belly sling to help her walk just before she lost all ability to walk )