Heaven is not just above; it's in the embrace of the endless ocean.

More: Meet Garnet, our beautiful 5-year-old lab mix, adopted through Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue. We instantly fell in love with her at an adoption event, and she's become a confident, loving companion. Garnet enjoys swimming, cuddling, and being a wonderful big sister to her four younger siblings. Her journey included ACL surgery, managing immune-mediated polyarthritis, and gallbladder removal surgery, but her resilience shines through. Facing these challenges transformed our lives and taught us the true meaning of resilience and love. We've become advocates for pet health, connecting with others facing similar struggles. Garnet's unwavering spirit inspires us to cherish every moment, finding joy in little things. Despite difficulties, her presence brings immense joy and love to our family. She's more than just a dog; she's a beloved member of our family, brightening our days with affection. We're grateful for the lessons she's taught us and the unconditional love she shares. Garnet's enriched our lives beyond imagination, and we're forever thankful to have her as a cherished companion and a symbol of strength. She's an invaluable part of our family!