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A memory from my first climbing trip my human took me on in the New River Gorge. I enjoyed all the new smells, friends, and sticks to play with but also took some time to relax on this super comfy log. 🍂

More: Hello friends! My name is Geo and I'm a 1.5 year old mini Aussie rescue. I was rehomed twice since early 2020 and lived with a foster for a while before my forever human came to get me. We've gotten along extremely well and she says I'm very sweet and well-natured. I feel much more comfortable around new people than I did when I was younger, but I still have my triggers that my human and I are working on together. Please don't take it personally if I ever get scared and bark at you because I also bark at snowballs and piles of blankets. Once I'm comfortable with you, I will stretch up to give you a hug or sit my fluffy butt on your feet. Thank you for being my friends!