Let's go Mom----You know I love it out here!

More: We rescued Geoffrey from a kill shelter in Kentucky. He was just a few weeks old and was exposed to parvo, which his sister died from. While at the shelter he was with his brother, they both were adopted at the time. Something in my gut told me to fill an adoption application out with the shelter. I'm glad I did because the first person didn't want him. I've never had a rescue dog in my entire life, I suffer from anxiety and extreme depression. Since Geoffrey's arrival he has helped me beyond measure. He loves to be outside looking at all the wild animals and exploring. He's even been at dog training school, which the teacher said he'd be an excellent dog to visit hospitals and retirement homes to bring a smile to patients. Before Geoffrey I'd NEVER thought of going out in a class with people in it. I've had other dogs in my life, but Geoffrey is beyond unique. I was determined to rescue him, but instead he rescued me.