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Georgia Tolentino

Patriotic Georgia and the Freedom Tower, NYC

More: Georgia, a stray black dog, wondered into a high kill shelter in Southern California. She was kept in a cage for weeks and had a deadline for euthanasia due to an overwhelming amount of unwanted dogs in the facility. Luckily, her mama saw her and acted quickly to save and rescue her. Although her family weren’t ready to have another baby in the family after losing their 12 year old handsome black lab named Gibson recently and a 14.5 beautiful Golden Retriever with declined health, they immediately knew she was the one that was sent from heaven. For 28 days, she spent the most amazing time with her sissy Bella until she was diagnosed with Lung cancer and had to cross over the rainbow bridge to reunite with her beloved Gibson. Today, Georgia is a bright eyed gal, well traveled and loved by everyone she meets. Her life goal is to spread awareness of black dogs that are immediately put on the euthanasia list because of their color. She will continue to spread unconditional love and happiness to everyone around her. To us, Georgia has brought so much meaning to our lives again and light to our darkest moments and we are so thankful for her.