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Gialla Amoré

Momma, no more pictures! I want to play in the leaves!

More: Gialla Amoré (pronounced G -ah-la) our made up name for Yellow Love Her nicknames are G, G Dogg, G La La She is seven years young and her white is coming in but you would never know it, the puppy in her definitely comes out! Her personality is spunky, smart, funny and she definitely lives life on her terms. She is a really good girl and makes me laugh every day. In the summer she loves to jump off docks to swim and retrieve floating toys again and again and again. In the winter she is the biggest snow bunny there is. Rolling in and plowing through the snow with that big nose of hers is definitely her most favorite. Her absolute love for snow makes winter pass a lot quicker for mom and dad. There is not a pile of snow that she will not lay upon like a queen. We are so lucky she brightens our every day!