Bonneville Flats with our Traveling Dog

More: She is a good traveler whether we’re in a camper van or in the car: she quietly settles in at the back and trusts us to drive safely. She has just one toy that she likes to play with and that’s her spiky squeaky ball. Her favorite game is playing tug with that ball and picking it up from the pool. Although she’ll go on the top step of the pool, she is not a water dog. She’s very sweet and not demanding at all except she seems to know what time dinner should be served because she’ll come and get us to let us know. She divides herself between us —- one is a night owl and the other an early bird. So she makes sure she is always with one of us during our respective time “zones”. Unfortunately we almost lost her when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. That ended her playtime or walks where there are other dogs. So we are her only playmates, her “people”. This is why we spend as much time as we can with her because she can’t be with her kind anymore.