When’s dinner mom?

More: Gizmo, aka Gizzy is the love of our life. We always had large dogs in the past specifically labradors, we waited seven years to get another dog because we never thought one could take the place of our last lab Mac . we never thought we would have a small dog either, but moving to Florida from the north east we thought it might be easier as we are also getting older and labs love to have lots of room to run. We first met gizmo‘s brother and the owner told us that the owner had another little girl that wanted to find a home fir. we fell in love with her right away, and she may be 9 pounds of fluff but she certainly runs the house. She’s a little girl but certainly can handle anything, she is the best watchdog we ever had. the labs would lay there and never bark . she certainly let you know when someone is walking by the house or at the door. Hopefully we will have many many years with this little love bug🥰