Goose taking a break from playing with his herding ball

More: Goose is the ultimate wing man, who loves to accompany me on my adventures in my airstream. From hiking to traveling shot gun in my suv, Goose is an awesome travel companion. He is a rescue who lived as a stray dog for a bit in Alabama and picked up some bad habits but one way he deals with his anxiousness is to play with his herding ball. He herds it so well it looks as if he’s playing soccer, guiding the ball all over our yard to rolling it over his nose like he’s kicking off a rainbow. (I have a few videos if you would like to see.) He was a pandemic pup and whoever bought him didn’t understand how much work aussies can be. I drove down to Alabama from NC to pick him up from an Aussie rescue group in 2/21. He’s the most lovable dog and with the right understanding has blossomed into a great traveling companion. He’s been given a new lease on life through this rescue and has become such a good boy. Goose is truly an outdoor lover!