Gracie Charlie Ollie Tillie

Just another day at the lake ❤️

More: My dogs are my world. I originally got my first dog at age 20 when I was a full time college student and my dad had accidentally drown. Gracie Saved me. I decided she needed a playmate and then I rescued 13 golden retrievers kept one (Ollie) and realized Ollie needed a playmate to. So 2 girls and 2 boys. They have all done obedient training and Gracie has done good citizen class. We go swimming in an indoor pool I rent for the winter and lakes or rivers all summer long. We have large birthday parties every year. I am now 22 and work as a vet tech. I applied to tufts for vet school. I originally was going to be a dr. But my dogs changed my passion and I want to help and save animals. I have found amazing homes for over 30 plus animals. My dogs are friendly, cuddle, smile, cry when they see me after a long day at work. They are my world.