Grand Gables Miss La Dee Dah but I called her Lulu

Heart Murmurs

More: The first time I ever saw her, she popped out of a travel crate at a conformation dog show. Looking slightly disheveled, she looked around to check out her surroundings. I thought she looked just like the character Beaker from The Muppets Show and didn’t even try to suppress my giggles. She was the cutest puppy that I’d ever seen. As I started to groom her, I realized how truly lovely and special Lulu was. It wasn’t just her innocent but very apparent beauty, it was everything about her. Her soft demeanor, the loving trust in her eyes, her perfect ear set, the sassy retorts and sense of humor…OMG, I was so smitten. And it wasn’t just me. She about 6 in this pic and we hadn’t discovered her heart murmur yet. Miss LaDeeDah completely owned and shattered my heart when she left us 3 years ago. Thank you