First day at the Cabin

More: Grizz loves people, they are all dog letters not strangers! On hikes if someone splits off from the group or lags behind checking things out he stays with them specially if it’s one of the gals. Tries hard to play with every animal he meets their all friends in waiting I swear. Very loving and loyal. Never taught him one of his tricks. He watches other dogs do them and if he tells they are worthy he just did them. A very intelligent dog, he is always watching work or play. If you grab truck keys get out of his way he is going for a ride. Never seen a dog be so attentive as we go down the highway, the window is like his movie screen. He loves to be in the drift boat and on the ice. Fishing and cabin time are his favorite time. His favorite treats, ice cubes, steak bones and antlers. He will make you smile and laugh out loud and truly adds to the chosen adventure. What can I say he is my best friend!