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Gunnar- The Homey Hunting Dog

More: Gunnar is a very friendly and very active hunting dog. He is a momma's boy with a heart for the trail and adventure. He enjoys long hikes in Shenandoah, fast runs on the Jersey shore, playing with other dogs, smelling flowers, chasing deer, and squeaky toys. He's very sturdy, very strong, and has a big bark. He's protective of his parents but makes friends very quickly. He has an older sister who is a 15lbs miniature schnauzer that he loves very much. He shows her where to find his stashes of bones and toys and always makes sure that she eats before he does. If he gets a treat and she doesn't, he will immediately give her his and go back for another. He really is a very noble, loyal, and well rounded dog. I have had lots of dogs and known many others but he's extremely unique.