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More: GUNNAR and GRADY were BROTHERS and BEST friends. Bred by the incomparable, Julie MacKinnon, of Nautilus Golden Retrievers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, this inseparable duo brought untold JOY and LAUGHTER to our family! In 2009, Gunnar was four years old and a formidable KING OF THE HILL when Grady entered our home at six weeks of age. For two weeks, Gunnar ignored Grady, until his SCRAPPY little brother won him over during a game of tug-o-war! From then on, Gunnar became Grady’s fierce protector, swimming partner, and loyal pal. In 2015, we lost Gunnar to Lymphoma and Mast Cell Cancer - he was only ten. He died in our arms with Grady by his side, and we were devastated! It is now November of 2020. We celebrated Grady’s ELEVENTH birthday in June, but by August, he too, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Like Gunnar, we have fed Grady a healthy diet, given him tons of exercise, LOVE and care. So, WHY cancer? WHAT is causing it, and WHY is it killing our beloved Goldens so soon? At the present time, Grady is doing very well, so fingers crossed. Next Spring we’re getting another golden retriever puppy. We can only HOPE and PRAY that Grady is still here to meet HIS baby brother, swim with him, and play tug-o-war.