Gunner Cox

2017 Morning Sunrise at Ocean City, MD ("Natty Boh" National Bohemian Beer Dog Collar) - Gunner soaking up the morning sun.

More: Oh my, what to say about my Gunner. He was so special (laughing). Needy, independent, stubborn, scared, loving, fierce, lazy, loved to snuggle and like a little/big old man. He loved to go to bed early and would stomp his feet and huff if I didn't go to bed with him. You (and everyone) knew exactly what he was thinking and feeling because he was so expressive. I was at urgent care one day because he swallowed a toy but I didn't know if it all came out (vomiting). Anyway, he had the entire waiting room (mind you, emergency room - scared, worried, and sad pet parents) laughing. Gunner, because of all his health issues was used to vet visits and waiting and understood the routine of the "nurse" coming out to take you back for your visit. Every time the "nurse" came out he would stand up with excitement and wag his tail. If his name wasn't called he would let out a big huff and lay back down. He would constantly look back at me like, "mom, what's taking so long?" "Ugh!" He would then lay back down and let out a big sigh and the whole place would laugh. I will never forget that day and how (unknowingly, I think) put so many people at ease and could laugh for a moment when terrified for their own pets. I was so proud of him that day. Most of all, he loved me so much and I cherished him. He was my world for 9 beautiful years. This photo makes me think of how much Gunner and my other dog, Ranger (Black Lab), loved the outdoors.