Gus Helping with Farm Chores in the Snow

More: Gus is a rescue dog. My husband and I adopted Gus from the Washington County Animal Shelter a year and a half ago. Gus is my husband's co-pilot and loves to go anywhere with him in the truck that you can see in the background of the photo. Gus's favorite trips are to our farm to feed and check on our cattle. This February we had several inches of snow and very cold temperatures of -20. My husband and I were feeding the cattle when I took this photo. The photo wasn't staged but I immediately noticed the buckle of his collar was right in front and you could read "Orvis" on it when you zoom in. I knew I had to enter the contest with the photo! Your collars have always been my favorite. All three of our dogs wear Orvis collars. Gus is a great dog with a big personality. He never meets a stranger whether its another dog or human. He loves everyone and everything! I would love to see a rescue dog on your cover whether it be Gus or another rescue dog you select.