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Gus Johnson

Standing proud on the Fourth of July

More: Gus spent his days going to work on a horse farm in Charlotte, NC where he welcomed every newcomer to the property with an open mouth and wagging tail in hopes they would be the next to give him a treat or scratch behind the ears. When the weekend arrived, it was time for his head out the window on a roadtrip to the low country to fly fish for tailing reds on the flood tide flats of Beaufort, SC or northwest to the outskirts of Asheville, NC to hike the flanking mountain ranges looking for native Brooke trout. Two months ago, we abruptly had to put him down due to a cancerous tumor that developed around his spleen. He, fittingly, showed no sign that he was in pain until a few hours before we were forced to make that decision. Gus never met a stranger and positively impacted more peoples lives than I could possibly count. He is more than deserving of a tribute in the Orvis Magazine and it would be an honor for him to be on the cover. Thank you.