Holiday in Del Mar with Gypsy

More: Gypsy recently passed this month and this is one of my favorite photos of her from December of 2022. We had lots of adventures up and down the California coast, to the mountains in Tahoe, trips to Yosemite and Colorado. She was a rescue from Joplin, MO back when I was living in Kansas and we moved out to the Bay Area about 5 years ago. Growing up she had her pack of my 4 siblings, parents and 3 other Australian Shepherds. Gypsy’s favorite activities were always by the water and chasing flying objects (she may have popped a few kid’s soccer balls in her day 😬). We would often play catch on the shore before and after I’d go surf. I will always miss this girl lots. I saw my Orvis catalog this morning and started browsing through for my new rescue I adopted this weekend, Sage, and my camera roll is already filling up again with dog photos that I can’t wait to share. She’s a one year old Australian Shepherd and we’re already planning for our next adventures. I hope this post inspires someone to adopt from a shelter and gives a small glimpse of the amazing life you can give for these animals who would love to be your lifelong companion while enriching yours as well in ways you could have never imagined. -Matt