Hachi visiting Key West Veterans Memorial Gardens.

More: Hachi loves anything outdoors and is a Storm chaser. 🐺 ⛈ We live in Key West so you can bet when there is a tropical storm or hurricane Hachi will be outside in the puddles or just standing in the rain… and me too! 🤣 When he’s not chasing storms you’ll find him walking on the beach 🏝 and enjoying a swim in the ocean. 🌊 Hachi has a funny and silly personality 🙃which always makes me laugh. Hachi is a true sweetheart. ❤️ He loves all animals and Hoomans. By some incredible stroke of luck Hachi was sent to me, that is how he got his name. Hachi is Japanese, it means lucky and prosperous. His name also stands for the number eight which has no beginning and no end. It was said in ancient times the number eight was a holy number, that it reached up to the heavens and back down to earth in a continuous loop to infinity. I believe he was meant to be with me. He is not only my Medical Service Dog, but my Best Friend. He has enriched and changed my life forever. ❤️🐺💙