Hadley Priest

"Scoping out a sandy spot to play ball in the most beautiful Moriah Harbor, Exumas, Bahamas! Mom and Dad rely on me on the bow of our boat to find a good anchorage to swim and play!"

More: Hadley is a vivacious 13 year old Portuguese water dog. She has been traveling the globe with us for all of those years! She leads a busy day-to-day life, going to work with her dad, Woody, and 10-year old chocolate lab sister, Paisley, every day. They are co-directors of team morale at the office and the rocks of our small family. This past year, they've spent over a week straight on our boat cruising the Maine coast line (major fan of Maine's blueberry muffins!), another 12 days straight cruising from Palm Beach, FL down to Georgetown, Exumas! They've been just about everywhere in between with us. They are excited to experience the San Juan Mountains this February when we roadtrip out to Telluride for 2 weeks! We could not imagine going on these adventures without our sweet girls. Hadley has done all of this with 2 new knees over the past couple of years and she hasn't missed a step! We love her to pieces and are so proud of her for never backing down from an adventure, even after 13 years of our crazy times!