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Han Solo

I've Never Been A Bad Boy!

More: Han Solo, came to us as Hans. He was found with his brother Kristoff; and a local rescue saved them both. I initially saw Hans (now Han Solo) on a Facebook post (thank you social media!!) as it was time to have a four legged furry in our lives. See, my husband had never had a dog prior to adopting Han Solo. I grew up with dogs all my life and knew that my love needed to know what life truly means when you have your own fur kid. We do not have human kids (we also have 2 kitten fur kids). Since Han Solo has come to our family my husband often says "I need you and you need me." It's really the sweetest thing especially when he calls him "my boy". Han Solo is a show stopper, people literally stop their cars, pull over, stop walking and want to meet him. We've even had people stop running in the middle of their marathon to meet Han! Just a few weeks ago some children were playing at our local park (where this photo was taken) and several of the kids began squealing with excitement over Han and were over the moon to meet him. He loves people! He loves other dogs! And he loves our cats too! He is a very special boy and we're so happy he is in the family.