Hap loves the camera and the camera loves him!

More: Last year, while on a month of military duty to help the Air Force prepare of Covid, I lost my best friend of 14 years, a Black Lab & therapy dog named Caspian. It took me months to recover. Then, last fall, I decided it was time. Time for a new chapter. I looked around and found a breeder of GSMDs, and have fallen in love with this breed. Like a Lab, Swissies are loyal, loving family oriented dogs. Hap is a big goober who loves to play, go for rides, and occasionally accompanies me to the hospital—a budding therapy dog in his own right. I still miss my old buddy, but Hap certainly has filled an empty spot in my soul. And, as he tops 90 lbs (and May hit 120#!), he takes up quite a bit of space in there!