Celebrating 3 years with Harper!

More: I took Harper in about 3 years ago as a hospice foster. She had a very rough life and then she was diagnosed with cancer. She had already lived longer than expected and I didn’t expect her to be with us for very long. We took her to a new specialist and she was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and melanoma. Dogs with the same diagnosis do not usually have a very long survival time, but 3 years later she is doing great and thriving as much as one can with cancer. Despite her rough past and the hardships she has faced she is the sweetest dog to humans and dogs alike. She brings so much joy to everyone who meets her. She loves playing with her doggy friends and all of her toys, but she mostly loves to cuddle. While we sometimes feel like she is living on borrowed time, we are soaking up every moment we can with her and will continue to celebrate the victories no matter how small. #caninecancersucks