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Harrison the Buck in his Prime

More: He was the Best Buddy in the Whole Wide world. Harrison was our 3rd dog my husband and I have had, first 2 black lab mixes, he was the first pure black Lab. We lost him 2 days after Christmas of Last year because of a mass on his rear leg. Toward the end we still ran together, me basically running in place. What would normally take 7 minutes took 45! This was the first Christmas in 28 years without a 4- legged friend. He was spirited! We ran a good 5 miles every day. Ran with him, swam with him, cross country skiid with him, snow-shoed with him, hiked with him, slept with him. The toughest to train, had a mind of his own, smart and fun! 5 different types of harnesses, always Orvis. We have not yet found another buddy, we feel that he will find us!