Hazel (dark colored) and Peaches (light colored)

Hazel and Peaches up Vallecito Creek Trail, CO

More: Photo was taken hiking back down Vallecito Creek Trail near Durango, CO. It was a hot summer day so we hiked upstream to where they could get in the creek and cool off. They've hiked this trail since they were puppies, they know every foot of it and every location they can get down to the creek. On this day Hazel did not seem to want to go up, but she went, swam in the creek, and we headed back. Unfortunately this was the last time she could make it up the trail. Apparently arthritis had started affecting her hips, which caused her pain when going uphill. A sad day because she's hiked nearly every trail within 100 miles of here during her 13 years of hiking with us, and this was one of her favorite hikes due to the water. Beautiful picture of our amazing Hazel and her adopted little sister Peaches though!