Heartbeat’s FC Sweet Georgia Peach (Peaches)

“Basking in the Joy of Victory”

More: My field-trial journey originated with tragedy when my husband died while running an Amateur in Florida. We owned Peanut, 28 months, and Peaches, 11 months—both purchased from Tom’s friend and mentor, Bruce Hall. I also inherited a dog truck and cabin located near his good friends, Bruce and Wayne Curtis. Through the encouragement of these three men and with Curtis and Fox Hollow Kennels, my handler days began. I soon ran Peaches in Derbies. She took 2nd place in her first four trials, accumulated 26 Derby points and achieved her QA2. In January 2021, Peaches was sidelined with mammary cancer. By March, she was back in training. With Andrew Curtis at her side, Peaches placed or finished all of her 2021 Open trials, culminating the year as an NRC 2021 Finalist.