Hobbs visiting the Kimpton Hotel - near Orvis Headquarters

More: Hobbs is truly a lovely pooch! Wherever he strolls, he is greeted with warm smiles and gets lots of hugs and kisses from all ages! My husband and I take Hobbs on every activity with us; whether it be walking paths, vacations, car rides, and even restaurants! His tail is always wagging and he has made such a difference in the lives of so many people we meet. If Hobbs only knew the effect he has on people, I think he would be so humbled. I know we are! I truly thank God for our lovely gift! If Hobbs could speak he would say; “ok - where’s our next adventure! I’m ready and excited to get my suitcase packed( bow ties, etc. , even courteous of Orvis!) and see what exciting new memories life happens to bestow on us!