Holtby (affectionately nick-named Hoey)


More: Holtby was adopted from Northshore Animal League in March of 2019 and spends her days as the resident mascot and purveyor of love and good vibes at the veterinary hospital that I manage in NYC. When not at work, or at home in Yonkers NY, she spends her time upstate in East Jewett NY on a black angus farm where she fully embraces her mud-caked, country dog persona. Holtby is wicked smart and endearingly stubborn and has an endless supply of kisses to share with the world. She’s a natural geese herder and loves to obsessively track anything she can grab a good scent of. She’s as shiny on the inside as she is on the outside, and has been the best pandemic partner anyone could hope for! This girl brings the JOY!