Best time ever

More: Hudson was named after the river which played a big part in my parents first years of their marriage where they boated and skied many Saturdays in the late 1950’s. I wanted a link that bound them to my new pet in their passing. Turns out, Hudson, the pup with “people eyes”, has learned as many tricks as there are tributaries; all with unusual quickness. He knows he’s smart and often makes us laugh with his surprising intelligence. Did I say he has conned us into holding his sticks while he chews on them? Hudson is loving, he snores, he dreams and when he sits his back leg flares out like a kickstand for balance. Yes, he is the neighborhood warning dog, (look a plane, a fly, the UPS truck). If Hudson was a person he would be a worried Mom, a child in their terrible twos and sweet cuddly baby all rolled into one. Hudson is our boy. Our lives have so much more... everything... because he is ours. Unconditional love is a two way street.