Fall feels FABULOUS when your are a very furry Aussie

More: Hunter spent 90 % of the first three months of his life in a cage. His owner lived on the third floor of an apartment complex and didn’t like taking him outside so she quit feeding him. She was home only a few hours a day, if she came home at all. When he was rescued, his white fur was yellow, stained from his own urine. He had eaten most of a little duck toy the remnants of which were found in his cage saturated with his urine. He was emaciated and scared. One of us held him the entire first week that he was with us as we had to gently acclimate him to life outside a cage. But, those days are long gone! Hunter is now very healthy, happy, smart and spoiled. He loves riding in the car and barking at “ lawnmower men,” motorbikes and school busses. He loves to sit in the window at hone and say hello (bark) to our postman and garbage collector both of whom know him and wave to him from their vehicles! He is an avid squirrel and chipmunk chaser. That is his sport of choice! He eats clean organic food, but his favorite occasional food is chick-fil-a. He brings joy to everyone he encounters. He entered our lives unexpectedly, and he has changed us for the better, simply by his existence. Whether he wins this contest or not…he our winner! Actually, we consider ourselves winners because he “rescued us”…and we didn’t even know that we needed rescuing! Thanks for reading his bio and for considering him for this contest!