Isabella’s Kiskiack-Nickname is “Kiski”


More: Kiski is named after her Mother-“Isabella”and the Native American Kiskiack Indian tribe who lived along the York River in the 17th Century because we live in the historic triangle of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. We choose her breed “Boykin Spaniel” because of the love of the water, duck & turkey hunting skills and their gentle, loving companionship! Kiski is true to her breed and she is very special.. She is incredibly smart and brave! She LOVES the water and we call her “Motor Boat” because when she retrieves there is a small “wake” behind her.. She swims so fast! This photo was her first visit to the ocean & my sons Austin and Troy taught her to catch a frisbee! Easily trained and with a passion to please..her personality shines through! She is so loving and gentle and she has a Fan club wherever we go! People love to stop and pet her… We live on the 12th Hole of the famous River Course in Kingsmill-Williamsburg, VA and Golfers of all ages will actually stop playing to say “Hello” to her! If you’re lucky..She will roll over and let you rub her belly! Kiski is definitely a treasurer! Her quick, compact, strong body with its wavy dark brown fur & red highlights along with her green eyes sparking with intelligence speaks volumes! Her whole body communicates and she is just a burst of joy and positive energy every day! Kiski has found a place in our hearts that will last forever!